Destiny's Ride | Programs for Amputees

Becoming an amputee at such a young age changed Jodie's life more than she could ever imagine. Back in 1985 the resources for support after such a traumatic experience were not available. We didn't have the internet and support groups for amputees were not easily discovered. So in 1994 it became Jodie's passion to help other amputees. Somehow her life experiences as an amputee could help others, either through horses or assisting with life skills.

Jodie Ponkos riding in the snow

Services available for amputees

Reconnective Healing

When an individual experiences a tragedy in their lives such as a loss of a limb, the area benefits from Reconnective healing. Although the physical limb is no longer visible by the human eye, it's still there on an energetic level, and needs to be healed. During the healing, a full body healing is facilitated, but an intuitive knowing may bring me to the area of the missing limb and work in that area. We treat the area as if the limb(s) were still there.

The healing can range from the phantom pains, to the emotional healing of "Why Me" or acceptance of our new image, or perhaps a healing for forgiveness of the situation that was the result of our amputation. For each individual the outcome is different, because we are different with what needs to be healed. For me, it was acceptance and self love. For you...only Pure Light & Love from Source knows your needs, but if you come in with an open mind, without expecting anything specific, I promise you'll be pleasantly surprised. Every healing is perfect because it comes from the source. I'm merely the facilitator enabling you to receive the frequencies necessary to heal which is determined on a soul level.

Therapeutic Horseback Riding

Being an amputee has enabled Jodie the privilege of first-hand knowledge of riding a horse with a disability and with only one hand, as well as the challenges in daily living around horse care. She utilizes her life experiences in correlation with her knowledge of horseback riding and her training as a therapeutic riding instructor to bring you the best experience. Through a network of other amputee riders, both upper and lower extremities, she gets insight on their successes and ideas to bring back to her riders. Jodie rode most of her life with 1 hand, then designed adaptive reins to enable her to ride like a 2 handed rider. This enabled her to properly align her posture and strengthen her core muscles for better posture and balance.

Riding lessons are conducted on a one-on-one basis only. This allows Jodie the opportunity to design a lesson plan with your goals in mind. Each lesson is strategically planned, incorporating all the specific client needs - from learning horse care to riding with a timeframe and budget in mind.

Weekend retreats will be offered for individuals interested in spending a weekend in the Berkshires learning about the therapeutic benefits of horsemanship and "Healing through Horses".

Life Skills & Life Coaching

Jodie is a certified Peer visitor through the Amputee Coalition. After spending 30 years as an amputee, she brings her empathy and compassion for new and existing amputees to help with a variety of assistance from every day daily living as an amputee to life coaching as they move towards their new goals in life.

Jodie has recently acquired a prosthetic device, both a bionic hand and a hook that she has incorporated into her daily life. She knows the struggle of accepting this device. 30 years ago she threw it in a box to never look at again. Today she incorporates it into her daily living both at home and at work and, of course, into teaching riding lessons and riding her horses.

Jodie's greatest passion is to be of service to others, enriching their lives through horses or getting the most out of life through life coaching.