Destiny's Ride | Therapeutic Riding

Why Choose Therapeutic Equestrian Activities?

A Unique Equestrian Experience Horses are amazing intuitive creatures, are non-judgmental and have no expectations or motives. There keen abilities matched with your temperament and emotions allows you to:

  • Discover & learn the therapeutic benefits of horses and horseback riding.
  • Develop effective communication and establish a relationship between you, the rider, and the horse.
  • Come to recognize patterns of behaviors that help or hinder your desired results
  • Provide an opportunity for insight into your feelings, stresses, and body images that can be associated with physical and emotional challenges

What you will gain from this program?

Through this equine assisted experience you will:

  • A sense of empowerment that supports you to move forward into your life with confidence
  • Receive an individualized evaluation & assessment to clarify your goals and activity level
  • Learn to groom, tack and ride, based on individual goals and riding experience
  • Learn to overcome fears and physical frustrations
  • Gain new insights on how to work with your existing strengths & develop skills to support your goals

What do people say about the program?

" Our daughter Marissa was diagnosed late in life on the Autism Spectrum and with a Sensory Disorder. She loves two things in life and that is dancing and riding. She was already dancing but my husband and I knew we needed to find a horseback riding program that she could feel comfortable and grow in. I received some information about Jodie Ponkos and the Therapeutic Riding Program she offers. I spoke with my husband and we agreed to give it a try. I made arrangements for a few lessons and my husband and I haven't regretted our decision. Jodie has taught Marissa that everyone has something different about them and that is okay. In the 2+ years she has been riding my husband and I have seen small but significant changes in her confidence, she shrinks a little less when you touch her, and she smiles a little bit more. We believe that is all in part to Jodie. What Jodie teaches her in the riding ring translates to the real world. Marissa is slowly learning that she can sit up straight and stand proud for who she is no matter how different she may be. " 

- Charles and Stacy Stokes